Pinguid​​ – Adjective

 “Fat; oily”

My Aunt Mac,

Was a pinguid woman.

So round that she

Could not

Reach her toes;

So plump

That her neck

Was practically invisible

And her eyes,

Two tiny pinpricks;

And so enormous

That she couldn’t leave

Her bed without

The assistance

Of Ivory,

Her nurse.

My Aunt Mac’s

Skin reeked of


And felt like

melted cheese.

Her hair,

What was left of it,

Was always oddly


My Aunt Mac,

Would sneak me

Candy bars and

dollar cheques

From beneath

Her Moomoo.

When she died,

I cried for my loss.

My bank account

And sweet tooth


Yet my lips happy,

That I’d never have

To kiss her

Beaded face

Ever again.


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