Horsefeathers – Noun

“Slang – something not worth considering” "Balderdash, hogwash, gibberish, horsefeathers, claptrap, complete and utter nonsense," Ronald slurred over his larger to Jamerson, "There is no way in Gods-great-country that Usain Bolt can run faster than a bloomin' Cheetah!"  

Moira – Noun

“Among ancient Greeks – A person’s fate or destiny” My name is Moira, And contradictory to My name, I have no control Over any facet of My life. The only thing I Know for certain Is that I have An impeccable Tallent for conjuring Bad luck.  

Stammer – Verb

“To speak with involuntary pauses or repetitions” 'Hi, welcome to Teddie's.' The blonde cashier chick half-heartedly welcomes Ryan to the store. Her black roots exposed and 90's tendrils darting in front of her smudged eyes and candy glossed lips. Her nametag reads 'Aish-lee', presumably pronounce Ashley. 'Jus-jus-jus-just these t-t-t-oday.' Ryan manages as he unpacks his basket … Continue reading Stammer – Verb