Yule – Noun

 “Christmas, or the Christmas season” In amidst of the yule carols and birth of Christ sermon, And snuggled in between the pews, My sister received the most disturbing news. Her phone had flashed once, but that it was all that it took, It was clear to me, whatever she saw had her shook. "A man from … Continue reading Yule – Noun

Facepalm – Noun

 “An expression of embarrassment, frustration or disbelief” Every time Anna opened her god-forsaken mouth, something unbelievably moronic and dim-witted was bound to babble out. Today's infamous question, "Do dogs have brains?", made me facepalm so hard I left a mark on my nose.

Bagatelle – Noun

“Something of little value or importance; trifle” Riches and wealth, Fortune and finery, Affluence and prestige, To him; Are bagatelle. For he only Sees value in, Love and joy, Peace and patience, Kindness and goodness, Forgiveness and faithfulness. They are the things, He needs to live.