My psychologist says, that I become easily overwhelmed by “emotional clogs”.   Too much information – too much stimuli – too many emotions – and, it’s goodbye rational thinking.   My brain is a puzzle, each piece a different emotion or thought. Logically, I know they should all fit together. But I just can’t seem … Continue reading Blind.


It’s part of me – the Snap.   It can be triggered by anything. One minute I’m fine and the next,   I’m fucking not.   I’m a grenade, just pull my pin and I’ll explode.   Sometimes it’s meaningless things; like – someone chewing loudly. You know the kind, wet and right up in your … Continue reading Snap.


Ben is broke. Though most of us are ignorant as to how. Sure Ben has a job. He is the head of marketing for an international company after all and he’s just earned himself a raise. But with a raise comes more responsibility and longer hours, something Ben doesn’t necessarily need right now. Linley, Ben’s … Continue reading Broke.


No.   Swipe left. No.   Swipe left. Swipe left. Swipe left! Swipe left!! Swipe left!!! Kate goes through the ridiculously repetitive motions of swiping left on her Tinder app. Her fingers not yet game to slide “right” across the screen. Ninety-nine percent of the men were a mixture of utter douchebags, misogynistic to the core; those … Continue reading Swipe.