Sanguineous – Adjective

Relating to or involving blood or bloodshed; having the color of blood; blood-red”

Reflected at me – mirrored teeth and eyes. Not mine, but yet they are.

I rap my knuckles against my head, and peer deeper into the reflective surface, what happened last night?

I remember kissing – touching – biting. Biting was not a comfort then. But now I think it may just be survival.

My fingers run over the rivets on my neck. One, two perfect punctures peek back at me.

My pulse is stiff. My brain begs me to look the other way, but the animal is intrigued and refuses to spare me the pain.

Lips quivering into a smile, I turn my head. My teeth ache, but what for? With a hesitant finger, I peel my lips back.



My mouth conceals weapons.

Wickedly, as if to torment, my tongue runs across them. There is pain and blood, and yet instead of fear; I feel a sanguineous hunger.

My eyes strain to understand and the light, it hurts.

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