The clouds linger Low And the rain Mists, Which is very odd For early February In Australia. I've just finished My a nine-hour day, Collapsing into my Bed, Windows bathing me In an overcast glow. For some strange reason I think of you.   I think of you, For the first time In three years. … Continue reading You.


He came to me Again last night, Never in flesh Always in my Sleep. He pinned me Down, Helpless my heart Lept. Hands, Too many of them, Grabbed at my body. No matter How much I Struggled, He continued to Go about his Work.    

Horsefeathers – Noun

“Slang – something not worth considering” "Balderdash, hogwash, gibberish, horsefeathers, claptrap, complete and utter nonsense," Ronald slurred over his larger to Jamerson, "There is no way in Gods-great-country that Usain Bolt can run faster than a bloomin' Cheetah!"  

Moira – Noun

“Among ancient Greeks – A person’s fate or destiny” My name is Moira, And contradictory to My name, I have no control Over any facet of My life. The only thing I Know for certain Is that I have An impeccable Tallent for conjuring Bad luck.