I wish…

I wish you would kiss me, I wish you would hold me, I wish you would let me in. I wish for rainy day embraces, I wish for handpicked flowers, I wish to stay in your arms for hours. I wish for you to tell me how you feel.    

The let-down

Today, my brain is screaming "give me a reason to live!" This catastrophization is the result of me taking my medication late. There are shakes, as if going into withdrawal, dry lips and weak knees, and tears. All symptoms of the let-down. On days like these, my sanity is lost.      


The clouds linger Low And the rain Mists, Which is very odd For early February In Australia. I've just finished My a nine-hour day, Collapsing into my Bed, Windows bathing me In an overcast glow. For some strange reason I think of you.   I think of you, For the first time In three years. … Continue reading You.