Subdued by fear, I have become stagnant, unable to brace the uncertainty of this chaotic world. Static in my self, I've exhausted myself trying.


For too long, I have been preoccupied with fulfilling the incessant expectations of others; yielding to the fatigue of a socially demanding and financially draining world; clouding my thoughts with a success driven mantra, that fails when compared to the golden measurement of God; suffocated by the hoards of many, yet when I raise my … Continue reading Sky.


The world is full of pythons. Not with scales, but suits, ties, and cheap Italian cologne. Camouflaged at bars, ready and waiting, martini in hand, searching for a moment of weakness. So tread carefully, save you be lured in by their cleverly crafted compliments. If you tread unwisely, they will ambush you, free drinks in hand; wrapping themselves around you, to warn other … Continue reading Pythons.

Verbicide – Noun

"The willful distortion or depreciation of the original meaning of a word" The art of murdering of words. Word murder Word-er. Homicide of nouns, assassination of adjectives, and the slaughter of verbs. To take up ones pen and murder words. Word-er.


I believe, I was never meant to be born. A mistake, disguised as a blessing, a baby never meant to be. You see, I almost died within my mothers womb. My breath was meant to belong to someone else, someone more deserving. Not to the shell of the thing that I have become.


I know she's there, the other me, the one I was meant to be. But the current me is a gluttonous beast, feeding on my fears, failures, and insecurities. She loves my tears, and clouded thoughts. She beats back the real me, at all costs.