The world is full of pythons.

Not with scales,

but suits, ties,

and cheap Italian cologne.

Camouflaged at bars,

ready and waiting,

martini in hand,

searching for a moment of weakness.

So tread carefully,

save you be lured in

by their cleverly crafted compliments.

If you tread unwisely,

they will ambush you, free drinks in hand;

wrapping themselves around you,

to warn other predators that you are their prey;

before crushing you into submission with

false promises of wealth and glamour.

Far from anything you’ve ever had.

Ever dreamed of.

But alas,

it will become suffocating,

an abyss of blackness,

of which you cannot escape.

At your darkest moment,

the python will swallow you whole.

And when done with you,

they will spit you out.

But only the bones of who you once were.

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