For too long, I have been preoccupied

with fulfilling the incessant expectations of others;

yielding to the fatigue of a socially demanding

and financially draining world;

clouding my thoughts with a success driven mantra,

that fails when compared to the golden measurement of God;

suffocated by the hoards of many,

yet when I raise my voice, I am completely alone.

I’ve almost forgotten the tender touch of peace,

the subtle caress of silence,

the warm hug of an empty day.

But today I was able to pause, for just a minute or so,

and tip my chin upwards.

My bleary eyes were met with the great expanse that we call sky.

It kisses at my skin with its sunbeams;

sends its winds to lick my wounds;

comforts me within it clouds;

and reminds me that there is hope.

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