For too long, I have been preoccupied with fulfilling the incessant expectations of others; yielding to the fatigue of a socially demanding and financially draining world; clouding my thoughts with a success driven mantra, that fails when compared to the golden measurement of God; suffocated by the hoards of many, yet when I raise my … Continue reading Sky.

Verbicide – Noun

"The willful distortion or depreciation of the original meaning of a word" The art of murdering of words. Word murder Word-er. Homicide of nouns, assassination of adjectives, and the slaughter of verbs. To take up ones pen and murder words. Word-er.


I believe, I was never meant to be born. A mistake, disguised as a blessing, a baby never meant to be. You see, I almost died within my mothers womb. My breath was meant to belong to someone else, someone more deserving. Not to the shell of the thing that I have become.

Decussate – Verb

"To cross in the form of an X; intersect." Placing a cross in the box, to most is a simple task. Used here as an identifier, a label, to sort us. Two choices, of which you must decussate one. Male or female. But I am none.

Prosopopoeia – Noun

"A figure of speech in which an imagined, absent, or dead person or thing is represented as speaking." Shattered and torn. You need to be fixed. An act of prosopopoeia, a nightmarish memory, fever born from lonely nights. I am what you need. All you need. Without me you'll be forever alone.

Rueful – Adjective

"Feeling, showing, or expressing sorrow, repentance, or regret." She was full of rue. Pained by her mistakes and misfortunes. The Reverend had said "Repent!" But that did not ease the shame, nor the prying eyes and callous whispers. For repenting with words, is non for gain. Her actions needed to shout. I'm sorry.