Palmy – Adjective

 “Glory, prosperous, or flourishing” Today, They'd swum; Dived and splashed. All of them, A gaggle of youth. They'd eaten Watermelon And drunk Cider. They'd wrestled On shoulders, And explored Underwater caves. And then they rested; Sprawled out On hanging rocks, The palmy sun, sticky Against their bare Skin. She'd laid next to him, Centimetres apart, Her … Continue reading Palmy – Adjective

Cockcrow – Noun

“Daybreak; dawn; the time at which a cock characteristically crows” Quarter past the cockcrow. What the feck does that mean? Prill thought as she wandered pack towards the Guild Tower, doused in demons blood and Arcturus balanced close to her side. Why can't Morus jus' speak in bloody English? She assumed that cockcrow meant, as … Continue reading Cockcrow – Noun