Mantic – Adjective

“Of, relating to, or having the power of divination; prophetic”

Ken smacked up straight into the tall blonde upon lacing his shoe, the top of his head colliding with her perfectly sculpted button nose.

“Shit.” Ken panicked, quickly swooping down to collect the pink folder she’d dropped to the floor upon impact.

It read: Dalilah McKenzie, in metallic gold sharpy and surrounded by tiny gold star stickers.

Heartbeat increasing he raised his head and weakly smiled at the head cheerleader.

“You’re going to fail AP History, Ken” Delilah smiled, wiping a droplet of blood from perfect nose, before turning on her heels and heading off to class.

“Don’t worry.” Her twin (that passed more for a distant relative than immediate family) comforted, patting his back with her black-nailed hand, “She’s probably going to fail AP everything”

Ken nervously laughed as Igraine turned to follow after her sister, satchel swinging carelessly one her shoulder.

“Oh, and one last thing,” Igraine said over her shoulder, “You’re going to ace Advanced Chemistry.”

“Gesh, thanks.” Ken gawked as the McKenzie twins vanished from view, wondering if this was one of their acclaimed mantic moments or just poor timing. Only time would tell.




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