Gerontocracy – Noun

  “A state or government in which old people rule”

Picture this,

A post-apocalyptic world,

Desolated by war and disease,

In which the elderly rule.

Fragile, senile and accountable

For all the political and economic

All because the resource

Of  youth wasted away.

This geronrocracy,

Came about when

Those under sixty were

Sent to fight.

The war killed some,

But it was a nurotoxin

Created by extreamists

That did the rest.

Those under twenty were

The first to feel its wrath,

And then we kept on dying.

The youngest of us now

is thirty-five, but who knows

How long she has left.

The elderly may have immunity

To the toxin, but they are not

Immune to death;

The government will fall,

When the last elder does.


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