Yule – Noun

 “Christmas, or the Christmas season”

In amidst of the yule carols and birth of Christ sermon,

And snuggled in between the pews,

My sister received the most disturbing news.

Her phone had flashed once,

but that it was all that it took,

It was clear to me, whatever she saw had her shook.

“A man from my work has just killed himself.”

She said with disbelief, eyes glassy, so bright,

“He jumped in front of a train!”

I couldn’t believe it, this was all so insane,

So I patted her back as I didn’t know what to say,

After all things like this shouldn’t happen on Christmas day?

She told me he’d come undone, lost his way,

When his wife won the kids;

Everything that was hers was once so dearly his.

But he bottled it all up, kept it all tight inside,

Till on Christmas Eve, at home on his lonesome,

He decided that he needed to die.



*A note from Eddie: I acknowledge that this is an issue that some face at during the Christmas season. Adding isolation, separation, and ostracisation to existing mental health issues can cause people to become even more overwhelmed with their situations and, to them, committing suicide may seem like the only way out. If you are someone struggling with this please get help, there is no shame attached to seeking assistance or talking out. You are valuable, and your life is valuable. From 16-my early 20’s I struggled with suicidal tendencies, so I know how hard it can be. But there is hope, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. So stay strong, you got this; and if you are in a position where you can comfort someone during this time of year, please do so. People are more valuable than presents and food. They cannot be replaced.

Beyond Blue – Australian Help Line

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