Blithesome – Adjective

“Light-hearted; merry; cheerful”

I’d spent the whole afternoon procrastinating the event;

Creating dramatizations of all the possible negative outcomes,

Spotlighting every bitter detail, my awkward words and clumsy movements.

It was just a cup of coffee, with a guy I once knew at school;

But to me, it was an opportunity to replace the weird high-school girl I once was,

With the successful business-woman, I’d grown into over the past eight years.

I’d built it up so much, that I’d made myself ill;

Dry-heaving and sweating more than a pig in a sauna,

I’d scraped myself out of the car and dragged myself into the cafe.

I’d planned to fake “sick” or to lave for an “appointment” if it began to fall apart,

As I suspected that it would.

But when I’d arrived, much to my surprise, he too was a nervous wreck.

To cut a long story short, the whole evnt went nothing like I’d anticipated,

One could perhaps go as far as saying the event was somewhat blithesome.

Turns out he’d had a crush on me when we were teenagers,

Though back then he’d never had the guts to ask me on a date.

It’s funny how we always catastrophise, jumping to the worst of all our outcomes,

We’d rather be prepared to be disappointed, than suspecting of great things.



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