Apopemptic – Noun

“A farewell address; valedictory.”

To the class of 2017,

I leave for you this

Apopemptic fanfare;

Thank you…

For making my life a

Fucking misery;

For every torturous moment,

When you broke me down

Because I was different.

Thanks for hiding my stuff

In toilets,

Sticking used sanitary pads

On my backpack,

And for cutting my hair

Even though I liked it how it was.

Thanks for the parties,

I was never invited to

And the road trips

I never had.

Thanks for never

Checking in on me,

When I missed a term

Of school,

And for saying my scars

Were for “attention”.


Thanks for the memories

Even though they weren’t

So sweet!

To end,

I leave you this;

Enjoy getting white-girl waisted,

And spending petty cash on


Because one day,

You’ll be cleaning shit

Out of my toilet.





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