Stammer – Verb

“To speak with involuntary pauses or repetitions”

‘Hi, welcome to Teddie’s.’ The blonde cashier chick half-heartedly welcomes Ryan to the store. Her black roots exposed and 90’s tendrils darting in front of her smudged eyes and candy glossed lips. Her nametag reads ‘Aish-lee’, presumably pronounce Ashley.

‘Jus-jus-jus-just these t-t-t-oday.’ Ryan manages as he unpacks his basket of groceries onto the registers conveyor belt.

Aish-lee stares at him blankly, seizing the chewing of her gum to stare at him and his stammer.

‘Than-than-than-k-k-ks” Ryan smiles thinly, as she quickly resumes her chewing and begins to scan his items.

‘That’ll be twenty-three bucks.’ Aish-lee sighs, ‘Cash or card.’

‘Ca-ca-ca-‘ Ryan begin, fumbling for his wallet.

‘Take your time!’ She rolls her eyes, ‘I’ve got all day.’

‘Card.’ He says, freeing the card out of his wallet with his forefinger and thumb, and handing it to Aish-lee.

She grabs it with her chipped-polish nails and proceeds to complete the transaction.

‘Enjoy your day.’ Aish-lee says loudly as if he is hearing impaired.

Fuck you Aish-lee, Ryan thought as he smiled and nodded her farewell.


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