Impasse – Noun

“A situation in which no progress is possible; a deadlock”

Kalli grinned a Michael.

Her teeth an impeccable white.

Blonde hair,

Tied back high

For concentration.

Michael’s jaw tightened,

Skin pinching along the angular bone,

that shaped his face.

They’d been at in for ages.

Their battle long,

And arduous.

His callused thumbs,

Tracked frantically across

The controllers surface.

Hitting buttons and

Flicking toggles.

She couldn’t really be this good,

Could she? Michael had thought,

Wiping away sweet that

Beaded his brow.

With one final blow,

Kalli’s avatar bared down it’s Katana,

Straight into to Michael’s archer.

‘Check mate.’ Kalli had giggled,

As she let down her hair.

Michael gritted his teeth.

Another impasse,

A jab at his masculinity,

And at his gaming prowess.



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