Abyssal – Adjective

“Of or relating to the depths or bed of the ocean

Open the door.


Open the door!

But just crack.

Just wide enough

So that you

Can slip in,

And you alone.

Reach out.

I know it’s dark,

But your hands

Will find the rail.

Don’t be afraid.

I promise you,

It’ll be worth it.

I need to you,

To begin your descent,


Down into the abyssal 

Depths of the unknown.


follow the steps.

Take your time,

For I cannot bare

To lose you.

As you near the bottom,

you will see a light.

It’s only small,

Hope in the suffocation

Of the darkness;

That has surrounded you

To this point.

Shrouded in that light,

Is a cage.

Something moves

From within its confides.


Do not be afraid.

I need you to do this.

Dare to look closer,

To the woman,

Vulnerable and abandoned,

Curled up inside

The cage.

Hear her pleas,

For release.

You are her last hope.

Your hand drifts

Towards your pocket.

You know what

Must be done.

Be a man.

Let her out.

Stuffing your hand,

Into your pocket,

You retrieve the key.

How can something so small

Carry so much weight,

And worth?

You reach out.

The key,

Slides into the lock


Then click.

She is free.







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