Kobold – Noun

“(in German folklore) a spirit or goblin, often mischievous; that haunts houses, mines or other underground places”

Prill had seen many things in her oddly repetitive life, but nothing as odd as the creature that huddled in the corner of the room, cowering up at her.

It just looked at her, its’s big eyes glazed and its small body trembling, and did nothing.

It was not like the D&D RPG character’s she’d read about; not a single scale, nor long tail or pointed snout. There wasn’t even a single talon or claw in view. Nor was it like the creature that Rohnan had described to her. The Kobold was not of the goblin variety, not did it look like a mischievous or malicious spirit creature. Come to think of it, one could say it almost looked like an Ewok.

How was she meant to kill something so … cute?

But a contracted kill, was a contracted kill.

Prill lifted her katana, Arcturus, high ready to slice down. Its weight balanced perfectly for a fast kill. But Arcturus froze midair when the small fluff ball gave a frightened squeak. She couldn’t do this. Killing something so innocent, something that hadn’t put up a fight was hardly fair. Maybe it would just leave, run way back to its home dimension? Then she wouldn’t have to explain herself to Kass, or Trace…

Sliding her katana back to her side, Prill gave in to her inner, almost dead pacifist.

In the moments that she let her defense down, the Kobold went from Gizmo to Gremlin in literal seconds; baring a wide, shark-toothed grin and unleashing devilish claws from its floof-pads like a cat.

‘Now this,’ Prill said brows raised, countering her previous thoughts, “Is a fair fight!”

She ran at the creature, Arcturus blazing through the air, baring her own feral snarl at the Kobold that pounced through the air.

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