Eurhythmic – Adjective

“Characterized by a pleasing rhythm; harmoniously ordered or proportioned”

Mila wasn’t meant to be playing that night,

Leon had called in sick (more like hung-over from the previous gig)

And she was the only replacement drummer available,

Much to Carter’s distress.

It’s not that she couldn’t carry a eurhythmic beat,

And it wasn’t that she didn’t fit into the “Scarred Youth” vibe,

It was just that, well, Carter and Mila had dated,

And it had ended badly … really badly;

Like, broken guitars and belongings strewn across the lawn

Kind-of end to a relationship.

Mila hadn’t said a single word to Carter

When she arrived at the gig,

But she had let slip a satisfied smirk,

Upon spying Carter’s new bass.

Carter had shrunk away from her stare,

Nursing his bass.

He may have been the lead bassist and

One of the band’s founders, but

Tonight, belonged to Mila.



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