Pneumatic – Adjective

“Of or relating to air, gases, or wind; Operated by air or by the pressure or exhaustion of air”

“Ah, Rita, it seems to me you have the proclivity for the Pneumatic Arts.” Lady Merinda beamed at her newest pupil; the short girl with heavy bangs and angular shoulders smiled back at her Affinity teacher weakly.

Producing a small puff of wind from the tips of her fingers was hardly a proclivity for the wind element. Candice with a ‘K’ had produced a whirly-wind on her first attempt and Amelia (whose affinity was for fire) had produced a long flame which she could make dance like a snake. In comparison to Candice with a ‘K’ and Amelia, Rita’s affinity was a pesky fart.

Taking her seat amongst her peers, Rita settled in for what she expected to be the most humiliating four years of her life.


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