Scrimshanker – Noun

“British Slang – someone who avoids one’s obligations or share of work”

“That twat!” Ange heard Kailin mutter from the other side of the wall that divided their office cubicles.

“Who?” She sprung to her feet and peering over the demountable wall, ready for the latest gossip.

“Cheryl, that’s who!” Kailin groaned back up at Ange, mobile lit up in her manicured fingers.

“What’s the slag done this time?”

“That scrimshanker has bailed on her weekend shift, and I have to cover.” Kailin smacks back. “According to Roger, she’s taken poorly.”

“More like she got pissed off her tits,”


“And can’t take a bloody hangover, like the rest of us.”

“You know what she needs to do, Ange, she needs to drink a cup of cement and get over her-effing-self”

“Dumb bitch” The two of them agreed, as their dashboards light up signalling incoming calls and thus the end of their conversation – the rest would have to wait for their smoko break.



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