Benevolence – Noun

“Desire to do good to others; goodwill; charitable”

Entering the world together

Was one of the two things

That, Delilah and Igraine,

Had in common.

Delilah was fair;

Her eyes the palest

Shade of lilac,

Cheeks a soft pink,

And a cascade of

White hair trailing

Down her back.

Whilst Igraine,

She was darker;

The most mesmerising

Brown Bambi eyes and

Long lavish lashes,

And her hair,

A forest of rich dark curls.

Delilah loved cats, and

Igraine loved dogs.

Delilah loved pastels

And glitter.

Igraine loved torn jeans

And band t-shirts.

Delilah was an extrovert;

Captain of the cheer squad,

Social butterfly, and

The girlfriend of heart-throb-Rob.

Igraine was an introvert;

Host of the Anime club,

A book enthusiast,

And secretly hiding an angsty

Crush for Edward Cullen.

Even their report cards,

Varied dramatically.

‘A’ pluses all round for

Igraine; whilst

The most positive

Thing on Delilah’s card

Was that they’d spelt her

Name right.

The second thing

The girls shared had

In common,

A secret they’d keep

To their graves,

Was their affinity

For premonitions.

Contrary to their looks

And interests,

Igraine’s premonitions

Were centred on


Whilst Delilah’s

Were more



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