Whoop-de-do – Noun

 “Australian slang; middle of nowhere”

Kaz brought the car to a grumbled halt. The engine light now an ember glow and exhaust fumes starting to rise for the bonnet.

“Well, this is bloody brilliant!” She scoffed, smacking her hands on the dashboard loudly with the palms of her hands, before peeling herself from her seat, mobile in hand and exiting the car.

It sucked enough that Kaz was having to travel on Christmas day, in scorching temperatures of 41 degrees, now she was stuck with an overheated engine on some dusty road in the middle of whoop-de-do!

“Shit” Kaz, suddenly swarmed with blowflies, groans upon realising her phone has no reception bars and is lingering on 19% battery life.

In the distance, Kaz hears the rumble of a truck or a ute or a rig of some kind; the specifics aren’t important to her, she’s more consumed by the fact that in her four hours of travel along this desolate road this is the first sign of human life she has seen. The whole thing gives her shivers – shivers of the Wolf Creek variety.


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