Tabernacle – Noun

 “Any place or house of worship, especially one designed for a large congregation”

“Welcome to the Holy Grail, the tabernacle for the lost and defenceless!” Riley grinned, arms outstretched, as the doors to the vault were opened.

As the lights flickered into action, Hannah’s eye grew wide. The left wall of the underground vault was lined with an assortment of melee, close range, assault and distance weapons; the far wall stacked to the brim with canned goods, booze and aid supplies; whilst the right wall decorated with pinned maps to other safe houses, scavenge zones and infected areas.

“El mio es tuyo; what’s mine is yours” Riley patted her on the shoulder.

“Holy cheese!” Hannah exhaled. The Holy Grail had everything she needed to survive the thriving Zompocolypse.

“Holy cheese indeed” Riley echoed proudly to himself.

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