Circumference – Noun

“The boundary line of a figure, area,or object”

Richard paced the circumference of the living room.

He’d already bitten his fingernails down to the quick,

Petrified of how Trish would react,

And now his shirt was wet with worry.

They’d been dating for five years,

Living under the same roof for two of those;

Yet, tonight he was petrified of how his girlfriend would react.

His stomach dropped with the sound of keys at the front door,

Followed by the light footfall on floorboards, as the door opened.

“Richie?” She called down the hall,

Discarding her keys in the change dish.

Richard tried to answer, but a thin gulp came out instead.

“Richie?” She repeats, rounding the corner into the living room.

“There you are.”

She smiled, finding relief in her significant other after a tiring day at the office.

But the smile was short lived, as she recognised his worry.

“Rich, what’s wrong?” Her brow creased.

“Trish” Richard managed, taking her hands in his sweaty palms

Before getting down on one knee with a small smile.

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